To get some more height you can work with different furniture and objects. Josi interior, for example, sells columns that are nice and sleek where you can, for example, beautifully place a lamp or vase. You also create a beautiful eye-catcher with this.

Another example are coffee tables, by putting several together you can not only change the setting every time, but also choose different heights of the tables. This allows you to play with heights and you get a more playful image in your living room.

Floor lamps also give height to the room, it is an easy separate element that you can place anywhere in the room. A good example is an arc floor lamp, which can shine beautifully over the sofa or the coffee table. Such an arc lamp is a separate piece of furniture and gives a beautiful image with your sofa.

And of course plants, not only are plants in everyone's interior, but they are also easy to move. You can place several plants, which may also differ in height so that you get a playful effect.

Nowadays the houses are getting bigger, such a large living room is beautiful but sometimes it is difficult to fill such a space. We give a number of tips to easily break space and make it a total whole. We also see more and more that the living room next to the kitchen becomes a space, the first thing you can do is opt for a slightly larger dining table, you will still gain a few centimeters with this.

Because nowadays the dining table has also become a place to work or to sit with friends. So more space is required for such a table, and those extra centimeters come in handy. Also consider a somewhat larger, striking lamp above the dining table. This not only breaks the image on the ceiling, but also provides sufficient light over the entire table.

If you have a very long or wider space, you can think of a partition, for example, you can use it to divide the space, divide it and create a nice eye-catcher. You can create a partition by means of plants, placing a wall or placing a nice open room divider. As a result, you still break the space, but you keep the beautiful spatial image of the room.

Don't be afraid to put something separate or something more in the middle of the room. you often see that people only place the furniture along the walls, but this makes the room seem longer or wider. By working a little more inwards and finishing off the walls, the space becomes more one whole.

If you have many corners in your rooms, work more with round shapes. Think of a round or oval table, round coffee tables, a round rug or a number of round accessories. By putting down some small elements that have different shapes, you can already change the whole image.