You may have heard about it before. The absolute trend of the moment are the beautiful lamps from BYEVE.

In 2021, these lamps can no longer be ignored in the interior world. Each and every one of them are beautiful "Eyecatchers" in any interior!

BYEVE's lamps are made of glass and are mouth blown. They come in different colors and sizes.

From ceiling lamps, ceiling lamps to floor lamps, table lamps and even wall lighting.

If you would like more information about where the concept of BYEVE comes from, we would like to universally refer you to the website

The lamps (also called BULBS) come in different colors:

  • Metallic smoke
  • Grey
  • Champagne
  • Black
  • Frost

Not all lamps are effectively available in all colors, a selection has been made for this.

For example, the small lamps for the ceiling lamps are not available in the color Frosted.

How do I assemble the lamps:

You can compose the lamps yourself according to your wishes.

We only give you advice to make your choice. To give an example:

We have a table of 2.40 in our showroom, so we have opted for a ceiling plate of 1.40 meters in the color black.

With this size, it is recommended to choose 7 bulbs. Of course this may also be 6 or 8 or perhaps less.

When making the ceiling plates, the distance of the lamps and the composition of the bulbs are taken into account.

You will receive an instruction form upon delivery.

You can choose the standard dimensions of the bulbs

The ceiling lamps can be fitted with different ceiling plates such as rectangular, round, square or oval in the colors black or white.

If you want fewer bulbs, choose the somewhat larger bulbs of, for example, 35, 40 or

even 50 cm.

It is also nice to know that if you opt for table lamps, they are of course also available in different versions, for example with a wood look or even a marble look!

The filaments for lighting are now still available as standard with carbon filament lighting, but BYEVE is slowly moving towards LED lighting.

Please note carbon filament is out of stock and will soon no longer be available!

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