They come in large, small, wide, high, and hundreds of varieties. And then of course we talk about plants. They can no longer be ignored in the interior and preferably as much as possible.
Plants have been hot items for a number of years, it is not only very sustainable, which is also a lot of people. They are also very easy elements, they are easy to move and give a cozy atmosphere to the room.

Nowadays there are more and more possibilities with plants. You can choose to place a number of separate plants or create a separate corner where you can grow all your cuttings, for example. You can also choose to use it as a partition wall. Nowadays you have racks and cupboards where plants grow between and can therefore serve as a partition wall. And you can always choose to place a number of pots with plants on the floor next to each other, which also creates a kind of wall.

If you want to go one step further, it is of course also possible to opt for a complete wall, the plants then come in a variety system rack that is then attached to the wall. This makes it seem as if the entire wall is made of plants, of course it has something very special that you probably don't encounter in many houses. But that makes it very original and creates a beautiful eye-catcher in your home.

Shall we just take it one step further?
The bathroom!

Don't just put plants in your living room or hall, but also go a step further by putting them in your bedroom or bathroom.
And you may be thinking, plants in the bathroom? Is that okay? Naturally! Your bathroom not only gets a hip wellness look, but the plants are great at the humidity in the bathroom. The Curly Fern and Alocasia Gageana, for example, are two top plants that look great in a bathroom.

Please note that some daylight is needed in the bathroom. It remains a natural product and plants need daylight to grow.

Some nice tips!
  • Put several plants together. This allows you to work with height differences.
  • If you have many plants of the same height, place a few on a table or column. As described in the earlier blog 'working with heights and shapes in your interior'.
  • Or look it up a bit higher, there are more and more systems that allow you to hang plants from the ceiling or wall.
  • Otherwise, you can always choose to put it on the shelf. Then choose a nice hanging plant, also called a lantern plant. This grows downwards, giving you a fun and playful effect.