Leilah Sydney

As one of Sydney’s leading interior stylist, Rouba has added her refined free spirited style to many of Australia’s most prestigious events and homes.

With a career spanning over 20 years, her projects have included the styling of a boutique hotel for the Peppers brand, over 500 events, both corporate and private, and the interior styling of a Royal residence. In saying this, no project is chief over another, nor too small or large- the love in her work is always recognisable. 

In 2007, Rouba opened Manyara Home in Mosman and Newport. Her exuberance for unpredictable pieces, saw her collecting treasures from global travels. From these cultural wanderings and her personable joy for beauty, Manyara became more of a destination than merely a retail store. Vogue Living recognised its iconic status and listed it in its Australia’s Top 100 places to visit. 

Today, Rouba shares her flair for beautiful textiles, one-off vintage pieces that you’ll fall in love with, glass-ware and lighting to add warmth to any space with Leilah. 

‘I want people to feel like they want to be in their home and love their space…and to feel really at home.”

The heart is always in the detail. 

Rouba can tell at first glance whether a piece should be resituated 50cm further down the room, or if the pendant is at its optimum drop. These seemingly minor adjustments are what makes a space feel right; a space that draws you in and elevates the atmosphere; a space that feels like home. 

Her instinct and experience with space and proportion is just part of what makes Rouba’s Interior styling services so sought after. She will ensure that the beautiful piece of furniture you’ve bought brings harmony to the room—that it comes alive in your home. And that you’re surrounded with objects that bring you joy.

‘I love to use well-made items in my projects; they are meaningful and have longevity. Meaningful products, made by hand tell a story and these are items that you don’t tire of quickly and don’t want to change. That’s my goal when I’m styling—to use products that last and tell the story a hundred times again.’